Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I have a BLOG!

Calvin created a Blog for me. This is fun. FYI: HSF MOM is my blog name. Can you guess what it means?

We call our selves this as a fun joke in our family. My kids came up with this for my blog name.

I look forward to using this to post my favorite books and movies, since those are my favorite hobbies.

Currently, I am reading The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall-Smith. My mom, my sister and I are all reading it together. This will be a good place for us to comment to each other about the book.

I am reading BOY by Roald Dahl aloud to the kids for fun. I also am reading various James Herriot Stories a-loud to the kids. Hannah and I are doing shared reading out loud the Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe.

The kids and I are getting a kick out of watching The Alfred Hitchcock Presents OLD episodes on our Netflix "Watch it now" on the computer. They have to finish all their school to get to watch them.

We are also watching All Creatures Great and Small (to go with the James Herriot books) series from the library. It is quite amazing how well the books match the lines that they act in the show. They did a great job on this film series.

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