Monday, July 30, 2012

Why I Homeschool, Part 1

I attended public school from 1978-1988. Like most of you, I did fine and so assumed that if public school was good enough for me, it was good enough for my kids!



Let's think about this. Was I really fine? Did it affect my "Christian values" that my parents tried to instill in me? Did I really get an education?

Today I am going to address how attending public school affected my Christian values.

My parents raised me in a traditional Christian home and taught me good moral values. For the most part, I was a "good" kid. I did not party, smoke, drink, have sex, etc. But, when I was sixteen I did sneak a few beers and cigarettes. I also began to question "How do I REALLY KNOW that Jesus is THE way to God?"My best friend in jr.high was a gay kid and as that issue began to became a reality that I had to deal with, my faith began to shake. It shook for 5 years and I was beginning to walk away from the Christian faith.

Let's face it! The school system has our kids when they are at their "BEST". As moms, we get them back home when they are at their worst! They are crying, tired and just worn out from school all day! It is really hard to instill Christian values into your kids, after 4PM. Not only that, you have to spend that time "de-programing" them from all the "liberal" education they get at a public school. They are learning what the government wants them to learn.

The government is shaping our kids when our kids are at their prime! We get them and try to shape them and train them in the way of the LORD, when they are tired and have homework and extra curricular activities. Then, we look around today and wonder "Why are so many young people walking away from God?"

Well, is it any wonder?

Here is something to consider. The education system in America was transformed in the early part of 1900s by a man named John Dewey. He was a staunch supporter of Darwin and fought to get evolution in the publics schools. Dewey's goal was to create industrial "robotic" workers. The schools have bells, just like the factories did. He created this system, which de-values the human being and creates the person to fit into a box (system). This does not allow for your child to thrive and become ALL that they can.

I realized one day that my children were NOT thriving and becoming all that they could be. I knew that I could do better than the "system" if I just brought them home and read really good books to them and began to teach them basic math and how to read and write. I could do better than a workbook (created by the government) for crying out loud!!! And so can YOU!!!! YES YOU CAN!!!! No I am not a saint because I homeschool! I am a sinner who needs Jesus, just like all of you. Homeschooling is challenging, but I have given my kids the opportunity to become ALL that God wants them to be. Homeschooling does not limit and stifle kids; it releases them to become the complete and beautiful human being that God intended them to be. Isn't that what you really want for your kids?

If you are Christian, consider this 2 minute video. 
Their souls are at stake!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My "Almost" Kitchen Disaster

Thanks to my sweet sixteen year old daughter who came to my rescue, our kitchen situation is now under control and the gluten-free brownies are safe and securely baking in the oven.

It all started when I decided to make hard boiled eggs and brownies at the same time. While the eggs were in their pot on the stove top, I quickly removed a new carton of eggs from the refrigerator. "QUICKLY" was where my disaster began to form. I dropped the carton and tried to catch it with my foot, which I bruised on the bottom of the refrigerator door. Of course we all know that my foot could never have caught the carton of eggs, but that was how I reacted.

With a throbbing foot, I was able to rescue 7 eggs from pouring out of their shells all over my kitchen floor. These are costly eggs from a local farm, so there is NO WAY I am going to let them go to waste. I began to fry them in a pan while at the same time gingerly adding 2 eggs (without the shells) into the brownie mix that was waiting in its mixing bowl.

In order to save time, I decided to use my grandmothers old-fashioned hand mixer for the brownies. I learned that one must never attempt to mix boxed brownies with an old fashioned hand mixer. My daughter started to laugh at me and said "Mom, no wonder you never make brownies and you always ask us to do it!" I started laughing and then realized the my fried eggs were starting to burn. I was able to rescue them and get them put away for tomorrow.

Meanwhile my hardboiled eggs were still cooking. So, tomorrow I will find out if they have green yolks!