Wednesday, March 19, 2008

update on reading Lilith

I must say that since I am on about page 100 Lilith is not for kids. It is very deep spiritually and very abstract. Children under age 12 would probably get very confused.

It is EXELLENT. I keep telling my husband...this is such a good book. You have to read it.

I recommend it to all who liked Lord of The Rings. It has a strangeness to it that Tolkien had. It is stranger though. It is so deep spiritually. I get to all kinds of golden nuggets and stop and ponder. He writes in such a beautiful style. I am trying to figure out where the story is going...which is why I cant put it down.

Here is an example where theology is being spoken in the story:

" 'How then am I to make use of your hospitality?' I asked. 'By accepting it to the full'. He answered. ' I do not understand.' ' In this house no wakes of himself'. 'Why?' 'Because no one anywhere ever wakes of himself. You can wake yourself no more than you can make yourself'."

My comment on this quote:
This is acually quite true. The only one who can wake us out of our spiritual deadness is the Lord. He beckons us to accept his hospitatlity and come rest in him. But, so often we are afraid and reject his invitation to come out of our wretched state of death dwelling! In the story, this appears to be exactly what the main character is wrestling with. It is so well written. I hope you will buy the book and read it.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

For the Love of George MacDonald

I love his books. His imagination and ability to write amazes me.

I just bought Lilith by George MacDonald from Amazon. I started it today and can't put it down. It is kind of scary and I think it would be a great Steven Speilberg movie. Anyhow..have any of you read it?

It has a forward by CS Lewis that is an exerpt from his book called: George Macdonald: An Anthology : 365 Readings.

Lewis says of George MacDonald's writing " It arouses the sensations we have never had before, never anticipated having, as though we had broken out of our normal mode of consciuosness and possessed joys not promised to our birth. It gets under our skin, hits us at a level deeper than our thougths or even our passions, troubles oldest certainties till all questions are opened and in general shocks us more fully awake than we are for most of our lives".

I am at chapter 5 and currently, I am seeing where CS Lewis may have gotten his idea for the wardrobe in The Narnia series. If you look at the cover of Lilith there is a mirror on the front page that transports the protagonist into another world.