Sunday, March 16, 2008

For the Love of George MacDonald

I love his books. His imagination and ability to write amazes me.

I just bought Lilith by George MacDonald from Amazon. I started it today and can't put it down. It is kind of scary and I think it would be a great Steven Speilberg movie. Anyhow..have any of you read it?

It has a forward by CS Lewis that is an exerpt from his book called: George Macdonald: An Anthology : 365 Readings.

Lewis says of George MacDonald's writing " It arouses the sensations we have never had before, never anticipated having, as though we had broken out of our normal mode of consciuosness and possessed joys not promised to our birth. It gets under our skin, hits us at a level deeper than our thougths or even our passions, troubles oldest certainties till all questions are opened and in general shocks us more fully awake than we are for most of our lives".

I am at chapter 5 and currently, I am seeing where CS Lewis may have gotten his idea for the wardrobe in The Narnia series. If you look at the cover of Lilith there is a mirror on the front page that transports the protagonist into another world.

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ArtSparker said...

To my mind, a better writer than C.S. Lewis, although less tidy.