Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Honey for A Woman's Heart

I must admit the only reason I purchased this book was for the immense booklist contained within its pages. I am always on the lookout for another great read. I never expected to find such great delight in reading a book that recommends books!

Honey for a Woman's Heart by Gladys Hunt  is a breath of fresh air. Golden nuggets of wisdom and quotes fill the pages of each chapter. Thus sayeth these nuggets of truth:

"Words rightly used have the potential of making us shiver with pleasure. Words are a God idea...It is no small thing that God has made us word-partners with himself."

"With the power of words, God spoke and created the world. In a lesser sense, we also speak and create a world -- a world for someone else to live in."

"Mark Twain said that the person who doesn't read has no advantage over the person who can't read."

"Far from being an escape from reality, good literature is a window into reality."

"But the cheap use of words has invaded our world like a virus and infected nearly everyone. Why not call people to honor and protect language the same way we call people to protect the earth?"

"Books are wonderful ways to learn the possibilites of being human."

"Why should I read fiction if it is just made up? I read because it helps me pay attention to life. Reading good fiction is not simply a frivolous activity for those who aren't serious about life. I read because I am serious, and find that fiction says true things I might never hear any other way."

"Those who condemn fiction in general are usually not interested in reading anything that challenges their own comfort; they want to read books that tell them what they already know."

If this has encouraged you to pick up a good book...DO IT!! Run to your bookshelves, make a cup of tea or coffee, slip into your jammies and TURN OFF THE MEDIA! Go read your book for goodness sake! If you don't know where to start, order a copy of Honey for a Woman's Heart. It will inspire you and arm you with list to last a lifetime!

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