Friday, February 5, 2010

Having a Wisdom House

Today I was so encouraged by chapter 3 in the book Wise Women Build Houses. I scored a perfect score on the little test about keeping our domains in good working order. But, the past few weeks, I have had some struggles and I knew they were rooted in self-righteousness. After I scored my perfect score on having my domain ready to rule and serve, I turned the page of the book and the author cautioned that if you rule your domain well, one of the pitfalls to watch for is "self-righteousness". She was spot on!

A few nights ago I was convicted of self-righteousness after having a very ugly fit in front of my entire family. It was so horrible and was completely humbled by my ugliness and repented before the entire family at dinner the next day. I knew that 100% of my problem was rooted in a spirit of self-righteousness.

The encouragement that I have is so good. I am so thrilled that God has led us through a long season of chipping away at our sin and causing us to get our house in order. I do believe that I have a real wisdom house going on over here and I am thrilled. It puts a joy in my heart and a skip in my step. Proverbs 31:25 says "Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come". I can honestly say that I  am seeing fruit in my children, and I do believe that homeschooling has made all the difference in this.

Yesterday we had a full little wisdom house going on over here. Hannah and Elizabeth have been purchasing Polly Pockets on Ebay and have been cautiously planning their maximum bids and watching their expenses. They have lost many items that they really wanted, because it got too high for their maximum bid. They are learning patience, as they have been trying to buy a certain thing for 2 weeks. I know God is going to reward them soon for their diligence and patience.


Yesterday, Elizabeth was helping me cook cream curried chicken from scratch; although, it is currently Lydia's job to be my cook helper. Elizabeth graciously filled the post because Lydia was sewing her dress for the Greco-Roman Ball next Saturday. It was the first time that she designed and sewed her own dress without help from me! What joy that gave to me to see her completing this project all by herself!
Sneak peek of Calvin and Lydia's dance class to prepare for the ball. They are learning The swing, waltz, Virginia Rail, fox trot and many others. It is so fun to watch.

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