Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Arrival of Our New Tea Kettle

My endeavor to find a tea kettle not manufactured in China was like being on a 20 hour flight! I was glued to my chair and armed with my computer, researching for many hours. Frustration and sore legs made me just about ready to buy a $300 tea kettle from Italy! I even contacted Brian to see if he could fine it in Dubai before coming home.

Pouring my mind over reviews, labels, and calling stores to actually read the box to see if it truly was not made in Asia was exhausting to say the least. At last the return phone call I was waiting for came on Tuesday. The tea kettle I kept returning to was much less than $300 and was indeed made in Belgium!!

The features I wanted were:
  • Not made in Asia
  • Stainless Steel throughout
  • No aluminum or nickel or plastic touching the water ever!!
  • Well constructed without seams
  • Warranty
It is made by Demeyere in Belgium.

The Apollo Tea Kettle comes with a 30 year warranty and a complete stainless steel construction.

Demeyere makes another tea kettle that looks identical to this one, but in a different line called Resto. The Resto tea kettle is a fraction of the cost, not the quality of stainless and has an aluminum interior wall. It also only comes with a 2 year warranty and the worst part: "Made in Indonesia".  Beware looking for customer reviews, I am certain that the 2 reviews I read for the Apollo were actually for the Resto.

I plan to use the Apollo for at least 6 months before giving it a review. If it holds up as well as I think it will, it is worthy of a strong customer review for being made in Belgium and well constructed without harmful metals or plastic parts. It is the only tea kettle of its kind besides the beautful line of Italian tea kettles, one of which can be found here:

If you are interested in purchasing the Apollo Tea Kettle by Demeyere, the customer service was perfect with Metro Kitchen. They called me promptly and affirmed that it was made in Belgium. I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived via UPS 2 days later and shipping was FREE!!!

Look closely and you can see "Made in Belgium"!


Roscoe Robicheaux said...

Howdy, my cheapo tea kettle finished its languorous collapse today and an internet search lead me to your post.

I too seek out Made in USA or when it is not possible, avoid Asian-made goods. I simply do not trust the materials used in most of their products.

Anyhow, your post notes that you will review the kettle after 6 months. What's the verdict?

Anonymous said...

A website search today showed that kettle to be made in Indonesia. I wonder if they have changed their production location.

Anonymous said...

I cannot find this tea kettle anywhere! Any ideas? Every website says it is no longer available. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Apollo tea kettle has been discontinued. Demeyere now only offers the Resto which Is made in China! :-(

Snooks said...

I am so tired of trying to find a good quality tea pot. The demeyere Apollo was my next choice since Chantal tea pots are no longer of good quality. Guess what, I can not locate one for sale at all. I want a brushed or stainless steel conduction use tea pot that will last for awhile. My Chantals are over 7 years old, still going but needed a stainless and the reviews are terrible. Hope someone will help me find a great one.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, if the stainless steel is 18/10 then it has nickel in it. In fact it has 10% nickel in it and 18% chromium.