Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meaningless Words & Broken Covenants Introduction

I started the introduction of this book by Tim Coody today. The message is simple, yet profound. Quotes below will be what stood out to me. I hope it will challenge you to ponder as it has me.

Introduction quotes:

"Like tires contacting the pavement, words interface with our reality."
"...Our words are losing their grip. The tread is disappearing, and the meaning is leaking out."

With reference to our high demand for lawyers in America the following quotes come to light:

"They make many promises, take false oaths and make agreements, therefore lawsuits spring up like poisonous weeds in a plowed field." Hosea 10:41

"We could not keep our agreements because we forgot the importance of honoring our words. Without Honor in our words everything falls apart sooner or later."

"We use more words now than we did in 1978 to do the same job. All these words assure us that people will keep their agreements right? Wrong. As solomon said 'The more the words, the less the meaning and how does that profit anyone?'."

"When words are rendered meaningless, so is everything else."

"We have become unwilling to pay the high toll that honor demands, and now we must face the consequence- meaninglessness."

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