Friday, September 23, 2011

My 18 year old got his wisdom teeth out!

Feeding Calvin
getting him meds
getting him water….standing and waiting till he is done

so he does not have to hold the cup….
getting him gauze
getting him tissues
getting him ice packs...

…. Repeat ritual every 20 minutes.

I decided not to be a cup stand or end table, standing next to him all day.

I needed a table by the couch.

hmmmmm…..what to do? Brian does not want end tables…..?????

Go to Target find the 4 pack of wooden TV tables. On the way to the car after our purchase…

Me: "I cant believe in 20 years of marriage we have never owned these!"
Lydia: " that's because only Grandma's have these!"
Elizabeth: "Nuhuh! Zena has them!"
Lydia: "SHE's a GRANDMA!"
Elizabeth: :No! Zena had them BEFORE she was a grandma!"
Hannah: "Everybody has them!"


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