Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is Grace?

Grace is a gift. It is the Love of God wrapped in mercy and forgiveness. 
Mercy is Christ on the cross. 
Forgiveness is Christ resurrected. 
Love is the whole package.

Grace captures you, but first it pursues you. Grace is ever running towards you, around you, ahead of you. Will you let grace capture you? Are you running always; chasing after the wind? You cannot chase grace. Grace must capture you. When will you sit still long enough to be captured by grace? When will you call out to grace for its mercy, forgiveness and love?  If you are hiding, call out " here I am! Come find me. Capture me!"

God's graces are all around you. If you think you cannot see God, remember the sunrise you behold, the water you drink, the food you eat. There is beauty all around you. You are daily captured by the graces of this world that God created. But have you been captured by THE Gift of Grace?

Why not sit still and discover the one who pursues you and accept His Gift of grace? Let grace capture you and wrap you in its mercy, forgiveness, and Love.  You are a gift. God wants you. Sit still and let Him capture you.


Valerie said...

Yes! Thank you for this word. His grace does pursue us. His undeserved favor. His lavishing love. What a poignant illustration and reminder of an earthly parent enjoying their child. I really needed this today - thank you so much for taking the time to post during the holiday.

Anonymous said...

You made the right choice to get rid of FB. I know it was a tough decision. I'm very proud of you, sweet sister! ~ Crystal ~