Saturday, February 6, 2016

An Open Letter to Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul

Dear Rand, Ben, and Ted,

"We The People" are tired of your nit-picking each other. We The People want you to unite and stand together just as our founding fathers did. We The People know that each of you love our Nation as much as we do. We The People have not forgotten all the sacrifices that each one of you have made because of your love of this great nation and your desire to preserve the Constitution and the principles upon which this nation was built.

Unity is necessary to win this country back. 

Now to address you by name:

My son
Rand Paul. I was a big fan of your dad, I voted for him and proudly displayed his sticker on my car, which I left on for months after Obama won the election. My son is a government major in Virginia and he is a huge fan of yours! In fact his photo made the cover of a farewell article to you! Your honorable step down makes me love you even more. I wish more candidates would do this, so that Trump would lose. I was; however, saddened at your pit against Ted Cruz. I think you would make a great team and unity is much needed right now. You both have done much good for our Constitutional Rights and you needed to focus on that together.

Dr. Carson I have followed you for a few years and was thrilled when you announced your possibility for running for this country. You have been #1 on my list. I fear that you are tired and run down. You have fallen into the trap set up by the media to bring division into the Republican party. Stop posting hints about how you are "not falling into nasty political traps". Please stop inferring your disgust for the mistake the Ted Cruz's team made. The bottom line is that he was ahead of you at the Iowa Caucus and regardless of the situation, he still would have won. If I were there, I would have voted for you. But, I assure you his mistake really made no difference. Your decision to go home to Florida was a poor one, and likely due to sleep depravity and stress. You, of all people, know that when you are tired, you rely heavily on your staff to make decisions. I believe you need to stop blaming Ted Cruz and remember how he stood for "We The People" (including you) in a major filibuster against Obamacare and the relentless fights he has put up to save our Constitutional rights! Dr. Carson, Please make ammends with Ted Cruz, so that which ever one of you wins, you can work together and be a team in the White House. You and Ted need to meet and strategize. Your love for "We The People" is the same. Make this your strategy platform,

Ted Cruz,  "We The People" hope you will be more careful with your advising staff after this mistake. Make true amends with Dr. Carson. He needs to be in the White House next year. The two of you need to strategize together. Be a team. Come up with a solution together so we can TAKE BACK the White House. If you both run for president then we will lose to Trump. We need all the votes that went to you, Rand, and Ben to be ONE lump sum.

We need the THREE of you to work together in UNITY for "WE THE PEOPLE" to take back this great country and to restore and preserve our Constitutional Rights.

Let us not forget:

"A house divided against itself, that house cannot stand"
 Mark 3:25


Adrienne Freas
Flower Mound, Texas

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